The company has been manufacturing and supplying bulk Conveyor material handling systems and spares for over a decade. In this time period, several developments are being made and we have accelerated our product portfolio. Today, we offer a variety of conveyors of different capabilities to handle different materials in core industrial sectors. We has extensive experience in manufacturing belt conveyor parts and components like Conveyor Belt, Conveyor Idler, Idler Frame, Wet Scraper Conveyor Chain, Pulley, Bearing Housing, Flange Coupling, Stud Nut Bolt, Foundation Bolt and more; setting a standard of excellence for material handling in India. The flange couplings are used for sealing the two tube ends together; while stud nut bolts are used for providing enduring strength and foundation bolts are used with standard nuts and washers. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we are sure the clients will find the solution to their specific material handling problems. The advantages of using our conveyor include:
  • Ability to convey a wide range of materials
  • Wear-resistant, and high & low temperature resistant
  • High conveying capacity
  • Provide convenience to load & unload materials